The QACCS Golf Club (Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Consultants, Contractors & Suppliers) was established in Durban in 1976. The purpose of the club is to encourage business through golf in the Construction Industry.

The first captain of the club was Doug Milne who, although retired, is still an active member of the club and sits on the National Committee as founder member.

Prior to 1976 a few golfers used to play a monthly game which was open to anyone in the construction industry. At the end of 1976 it was decided to discontinue the competition as there were only a few players attending the monthly games. It was proposed by Gerry Shuttleworth that Doug Milne be the Captain and Mick Sugden the Secretary to see if the monthly game could be revived.

The recognized founders in alphabetical order were: Nick Dreyer, Brian Marais, Doug Milne, Bob Moore, George Rutter, Gerry Shuttleworth and Mick Sugden. Sadly George Rutter, Brian Marais and Gerry Shuttleworth have passed away.The club grew as members relocated to other regions.

Today QACCS have active clubs registered in Bloemfontein, Durban, East London, Gauteng, George, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth and Welkom. Nationally the membership is about 500.

In 1996, Stoffel Botha, who was the captain of QACCS Bloemfontein at the time, arranged a National Tournament in this region. This was so successful that it was decided to stage an annual event.

For information about the regional Captains and committee members please go the the contact us page. We invite anyone in the construction industry to contact your local Secretary to arrange a game of golf with members of our club. Come and see what it is all about and how this wonderful game can help you promote your business.