QACCS Tournament

The following rules will apply at Qaccs-Nationals:

NATIONALS RULES – Updated February 2019

  1. All affiliated regions can enter a team.
  2. The minimum number of players in a team to enter for the team event is 10.
  3. Only paid-up members of a region may take part at Nationals
  4. When a team member of a region is unable to play both days his score will only be taken into account on the day that he is playing.  A replacement is allowed to play on the day that he can’t play, however, that player’s score will not be taken into account for the region’s scores, but only the individual and combined scores to enable the four ball to compete on the alliance. 
  5. Only players with a medical certificate will be allowed to use a golf cart unless the specific club is a golf cart only club.  A player using a golf cart for medical reasons will not be allowed to assist any other player in the four ball with regard to the golf cart i.e. other players bag on the cart.
  6. Only one Tee box on each course will be available on each day.  Members must open their rounds before playing according to the course and tee box they are playing on.
  7. No gimmies
  8. Players will play off their official handicap index’s.  Scores must be entered after day one and if there is a change in handicap index, the new handicap must be used on day two.
  9. Individual winners are determined on a combined IPS score over two days.
  10. A Milworth cup team consists of two players of a region and must be nominated before the Nationals event.  Milworth players from the different regions will all play together in four balls on the same course on a specific day.  The winner is determent on a combined IPS score over two days.
  11. The regional team winner is determined on an average IPS score of all players of a region over the two days.  The minimum players for this average is 18.  If a region has between 10 and 17 players in their team the difference to 18 will be made up by duplicating the worst scores to make up for the shortfall.  This duplicating worst scores will be determined every day separately and not on the combined scores over the two days.
  12. Count-outs:

                * First count-out on holes 10 – 18

                * Second count-out on all short holes

                * Third count-out on the odd holes

                * Finally the toss of a coin